Prepare to take the new high school equivalency exam, Test Assessing High School Completion (TASC) at our testing center located at the Continuing Education Center of Gloucester County College.

High School Equivalency Testing The Test Assessing High School Completion (TASC) is national high school equivalency assessment that assesses five subject areas including Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. A New Jersey High School Diploma will be awarded by the New Jersey Department of Education solely on the basis of successful test scores in the five academic areas: reading, writing, math, science and social studies.

The TASC test can be administered to candidates who:

  • are at least 16 years of age *
  • are not currently enrolled in high school
  • a resident of New Jersey

* Anyone who is under 18 must complete and submit a Certificate of Non-Enrollment
form. Certificate of Non-Enrollment forms are available at the local high schools. Candidates
16–17 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (with proper ID).

Registration Information

  • Must register in person at the Continuing Education Center
  • Must possess and present a Social Security card and a valid New Jersey
    driver’s license with a photo or a county issued ID with an address.

$92 for the initial test
$10.40 for the each retest
Fees can be paid by credit/debit card or money order.

8 am–5 pm, Mon. – Fri. at the Continuing Education Center
1492 Tanyard Road, Sewell, NJ 08080

Registration Time
8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday in the Continuing Education Center located at 1492 Tanyard Road, Sewell NJ.

High School Diploma Testing: 2014
Scheduled Testing Dates: Tentative!

8th   &  9th (Tuesday / Wednesday) 8:00 am               
15th  &  16th (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am      
22nd  &  23rd (Tuesday/Wednesday) 5:00 pm                          
29th  &  30th (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am                                   

6th  &  7th (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am       
10th &  17th  (Saturdays) 9:00 am                        
20th  &  21st (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am                    
27th  &  28th (Tuesday/Wednesday) 5:00 pm       

3rd    &  4th  (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am
10th &  11th  (Tuesday/Wednesday) 5:00 pm                 
17th &  18th  (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am                 
24th &  25th  (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am                 

15th &  16th (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am                  
22nd &  23rd (Tuesday/Wednesday) 5:00 pm                 
29th &   30th (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am                 

12th  &  13th (Tuesday/Wednesday) 5:00 pm                         
19th &   20th (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am                 
26th &   27th (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am                 

9th    &  10th  (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am                
13th  &  20th  (Saturdays) 9:00 am                       
23rd  &  24th  (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am                

4th    &  11th (Saturdays) 9:00 am                        
14th  &  15th  (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am                                   
21st  &   22nd (Tuesday/Wednesday) 5:00 pm
28th  &  29th  (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am       

1st     &  8th  (Saturdays) 9:00 am
11th  &  12th (Tuesday/Wednesday) 5:00 pm                 
18th  &  19th (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am                 
25th  &  26th (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am

2nd    &  3rd  (Tuesday/Wednesday) 5:00 pm                 
9th    &  10th (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am                 
16th  &  17th  (Tuesday/Wednesday) 8:00 am                

Gloucester County College hosts an Annual High School Diploma Recognition Ceremony to honor students who have successful passed the GED Examination and earned their New Jersey High School Diploma. Representatives from the college, county, state attend this event to honor and recognize the students’ achievement.


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