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Gloucester County College is committed to efforts to promote the success of our students. In this endeavor the College offers an array of supportive services. Among these is the Student Assistance Center (SAC), which offers assistance to students who may be experiencing personal difficulties that interfere with their college adjustment and success.

The primary mission of the SAC is to provide short-term, goal-focused assistance in order to facilitate the student’s college adjustment and success. At times a student may encounter difficulties that disrupt their college life. Problems may include stress, emotional difficulties, and/or interpersonal problems. During these times the Student Assistance Center is available to support and assist GCC students with individual services or group services.

We follow APA and ACA ethical standards as well as NJ state law. The services we provide follow the clinical standards of Best Practice. Best practice for the SAC is defined as:

  • The student guides the process, i.e. identification of issue(s)/concern(s) and goals, while the clinicians work with the student using evidenced based interventions in a safe environment.
  • Clinicians use interventions that are minimally restrictive and encourage a holistic approach to resolutions, i.e. following a biopsychosocial approach to identification of concerns and intervention for students.
  • The SAC operates from a strengths based model, and clinicians ethically protect the student’s confidentiality and choice to accept or decline services.

The SAC is staffed with licensed behavioral health care professionals who are available to meet with students to discuss their concerns. Sessions are confidential and at no cost to the student. The professional staff will assist the student in taking steps to address their personal difficulties and find balance and success at GCC.


The Student Assistance Center believes diversity includes all of the various characteristics that make us unique individuals with different values, expectations, cultural, ethnic, and life experiences. We have a commitment to our campus community to embrace this diversity and observe the opportunity it provides for us to grow and flourish as people.
We are dedicated to supporting Gloucester County College’s diverse community based on mutual respect, acceptance and openness. The Student Assistance Center is committed to the creating a safe space for our students to express themselves. We are privileged to have such a diverse student population and respect the similarities and differences in our GCC students, staff and faculty.  Our ability to provide culturally competent services is dependent on our relationship with the GCC community. We recognize how important this relationship is and are committed to remaining open to our development together.
The understanding of diversity and cultural difference is a lifelong journey. The SAC staff and GCC community will always have room to learn and grow. We encourage those around us to guide this journey through our experiences together. The SAC looks forward to offering services to all of our students in the GCC family.